Abby Lee Melbourne

Abby Lee is a Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner who incorporates various natural modalities in her approach. She is passionate about using natural therapies for the improvement and maintenance of overall well being – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

The modalities she currently focuses on are:

Diverse background

In addition to Abby’s natural therapies, counselling and coaching credentials, her professional background is diverse and includes banking, accounting (qualified CPA), IT consulting and project management. She has worked in the corporate, small business and not for profit sectors. Abby is multi-lingual and cross cultural, having lived and travelled in various countries. Her unique fusion enables her to be flexible and adaptable in relating and appreciating people from all walks of lives.

Abby is an Explorer of the Inner and Outer Worlds. She has been on a personal development and healing journey, both personally and professionally, for many years. Through her own life experiences, extensive studies, travels and explorations, Abby has consolidated her knowledge, skills and wisdom, and incorporated them into her holistic wellbeing practice.

She has undertaken the study and practice of numerous natural modalities including:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP)
  • Transpersonal Counselling
  • Life coaching
  • Ego State Therapy
  • Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Sound Healing Therapy
  • Liquid Crystals Therapy
  • Qigong
  • Tai Chi
  • Kung Fu
  • Yoga
  • Shamanic practices
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Gendlin’s Focusing Technique
  • Ullman’s Dream Process
  • Alexander Technique
  • Feldenkrais Method

Through this journey, not only has Abby discovered her passion for natural therapies, she has gained invaluable skills and experiences to help guide others in using natural therapies to improve or maintain their overall well being.

Whether the aim is to enjoy what life has to offer, handle life’s challenges, make a change, or gain clarity; Abby can provide and hold the space for your explorations. Considering the external circumstances while tuning into your own inner wisdom, Abby will assist you in seeking the answers in order to lead a fulfilling life.



  • Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling
  • Cert III & IV in Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Certified Ziran Qi Gong Level III Instructor
  • Master Practitioner in NLP
  • Bachelor of Economic (major Accounting)

Member of:

  • ACA (Australian Counselling Association)
  • AHA (Australian Hypnotherapist Association)
  • Australian Board of Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Wushu, Tai Chi and Qigong Practitioners Australia
  • Former member of CPA Australia


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