Psychosomatic Therapy

November 16, 2012

Psychosomatic Therapy


Psychosomatic Therapy

“You are the embodiment of your thoughts and emotions.” – Hermann Muller

Ever wonder why you’re in the shape that you are? How does your body posture affects how you feel and the direction you take or not take in your life?

Have you had a suspicion that your physical conditions are affected or even caused by your emotions?

Do you want to have greater awareness of yourself and live to your potentials ?

Do you want to release the unserving emotions that you have resolved in your mind but somehow still trapped in the body?

In Psychosomatic Therapy we assist you in addressing all that and more. We do it through face reading, body-mind analysis, body work, etc.

Abby is a master practitioner in Psychosomatic Therapy and a member of the Australian Psychosomatic Therapy Board. The services she offers under this therapy are:

  • Psychosomatic Therapy – a overall general consultation which usually includes face reading and partial body-mind analysis
  • Body-Mind Analysis – a detail reading of your body and feet
  • Body work – for emotional release and centre core energy balancing

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