Compass Coaching – Let Your Passion be Your Compass

August 31, 2009

Compass Coaching offers a range of natural therapies for individuals and groups to cultivate a holistic way of health and wellbeing.

The holistic approach at Compass Coaching adopts the philosophy that everyone has the resources within themselves to live an authentic, fulfilling, healthy life.

We work with all aspects of an individual – the conscious, unconscious, collective unconscious, cultural, social, environmental, energetic, psychological and spiritual.

We believe the harmony of mindbodyemotionenergy and spirit helps us restore our authentic, fulfilling and healthy life. We encourage nurturing each of these parts by:

– adopting appropriate daily practice such as Qigong, meditation, music, exercises, writing, etc

– being conscious of emotions, their triggers and the impact on mind and body

– and by living in harmony with your true nature and nature

It’s a journey for those who want to explore and participate in their own healing and growth.