A Barratt

Abby Lee has coached me on numerous occasions over many months both in formal planned sessions, as well as more informally where she was able (without prior planning) to spontaneous provide effective and insightful coaching.

I am pleased to say I found Abby’s style of coaching very effective.

Having been a coach myself for several years and received coaching by various coaches during that time, I believe I am well qualified to comment on Abby’s ability, effectiveness and style of coaching.

One thing that always stood out to me was Abby’s flexibility and breadth of knowledge across many different disciplines and coaching techniques that she would draw on depending on the issue at hand.

Her conversational questioning is very powerful as are her NLP processes. Other approaches included mind-mapping and getting me to document my thinking in ways that helped me develop new viewpoints or gain clarity and a deeper understanding of my motivation (or lack of it) or my limiting beliefs.

Abby was excellent at asking me questions that would make me really question my thinking, point of view, attitude etc. Her strength as a coach was knowing when to keep pushing me and when to persist with a line of questioning. Several times I had uncovered some meaningful insights but Abby would still continue with a confronting line of questioning and eventually I would break through a mental barrier and get a significant learning and shift in thinking. Knowing when and how far to push someone is a key strength in Abby’s coaching ability.

Abby provided valuable coaching in a variety of personal and work life areas. From an early session where she removed a compulsive desire for coffee, to using a planning method to help me decide my career direction, to gaining clarity in what is important to me in my life and where to put my focus.

Abby has both the academic understanding of various disciplines she can use in coaching, as well as an uncanny intuition to know what area to pursue and persist for me to get the maximum shift and learning in my thinking.

I am very comfortable in recommending anyone to experience Abby’s coaching.

A. Barratt, General Manager, Headland Machinery
previously Executive coach, Tasman Group & Hewsons International Coaching

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