Angel Radeka

Abby is a passionate and committed personal coach. I truly felt that Abby was 150% committed in helping me achieve my goals and in motivating me to stay on track and stay true to what I wanted to achieve.

I came to Abby for coaching to work through a number of decisions I needed to make about my career.  Abby was fantastic, she was supportive, creative and flexible – she kind of had to be flexible because I was already making changes along the way to my career so there was the challenge of staying focused on the end goal while also working through the impact of all the changes!

Abby helped me to clarify what was really at the heart of my needs and to better understand my options and what each different choice meant for me personally.

I walked in with a hundred busy thoughts in my head and too many choices which felt overwhelming at times.  I came away clarified and resolved and more comfortable with the choices I needed to make.  I’ve made those big changes, I feel great about the choices I made.  Abby was a key support for me at a critical time.

– A. Radeka, Head of Marketing , Communications & Brand, Major Corporate Retailer

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